2019 Extractor RWCiD Pro Series PWC SLED- $1500



The new 2019 RWCiD (Rescue Water Craft inflatable Device) PWC RESCUE SLED. On Sale now. We only have a few left! They have been selling quickly.

If you want a higher quality inflatable sled than what you see being offered, if you want a sled that won’t blow its seams from over inflation or pressure from sun heat, if you want an inflatable pwc rescue sled that will provide a better connection and a more stable ride, and an inflatable personal watercraft rescue sled that provides a much better grip to hold onto than the cheap ones, look no further. Extractor considered all these issues in the design of the new 2019 RWCiD-Pro Series Rescue Sled.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 12 cm